First and foremost I want to thank God for all his love and strength.  I would not be able to do this without him.  I want to thank my biggest fans my loving husband Jeremy and our three wonderful children Paul, Connie, and Michael for all of their continued support and understanding.   Thank you babe for also with the line on the University of Michigan Wolverine vs. The Ohio State Buckeyes in my manuscript.   Love you so much babe!


To all of my family and friends those that are near and those that are far here in Raleigh NC, BrownsvilleTexas, ( My mom, and siblings and wonderful friends)  also in Midland TX and Michigan and all the wonderful authors, friends and readers I have met through social media.  I went to send a big shout out to Celedina Cisneros who is like a second mom and also Roland Flores and Roland Flores jr.

To my sisters for life, Eloisa Vanessa Flores, Francis Olivares, Erika Villarreal thank you for always being there. God bless you guys.

To my other sisters here in North Carolina  Amy Lemons Lamont and Lisa Godoy thanks for the support.   It means so much.

Thank you so much Kim Huther ( Wordsmith Proofreading Services for re-editing my book.

Another big shout out to the amazing cover designer Natasha Brown.  You are truly amazing!

Also a big thank you to Regina Mitchell for her help in formatting my story I appreciated that so much.

A big shout out goes to my mother in law Kathie Stein for always encouraging me to believe in my dreams.  Thank you mom!

I appreciate the support from my father in law Dale Stein as well.  Thank you Dad!

A big shout out goes to the Coffee House Writers you all rock.

Christopher Bartlett for always supporting me on my events online and having a kind word to share everyday. Thank you buddy!  All of you guys are so amazing and know you also will always be a part of my family.   Love ya.

A Big shout out goes to my friend and blogger and one of the first people who read Chasing Clarity. Diana Lee Montgomery.  Thank you so much!

Also to my amazing friend and author Tammie Clarke Gibbs, who always includes me in her author events and promotes stuff on her Readers Rock Magazine.   Also to Carol March, and all those involve with the Celebration Of Authors.

I also want to send a big shout out to Adra Robins who was so gracious to have me on my first Radio show.  Thank you and also to Etienne Gibbs for also having me on his online radio show as well!

Last but not least want to say thanks to the many authors and friends who time after time have helped me shine, Belinda Witzenhausen, Chrissie Parker, Joyce T Strand, Belinda Witzenhausen, Emerald Barnes, Debdatta Sahay, Andrea Buginsky Paula Marie Sheila Deeth and Barbie Herrera and let’s no forget Melissa Foster who is not only a best-selling author but a mentor who began this wonderful group of Melissa’s Awesome Support Team, The World Literary Café, Fostering Success and continues to pave it forward.   This is where I met these wonderful ladies. A Big shout out to Emerald Barnes who may not be aware of how she inspired me to work on my first YA book. Thanks for all you have done for me Emerald. Thanks for inspiring me with your messages of faith and to believe and love yourself.  To all my Readers thank you for inspiring to create characters and stories that I can share with all of you.  You all inspire me!




Chasing Clarity Copyright © 2015 by Sylvia Stein . All Rights Reserved.


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