Part one

When I looked into his eyes, I could not keep from crying. It had been so long since I felt this way.

“Mia, what is wrong?” he asked.

I cast my eyes down to the ground and bit my lip.  I blocked his voice and did not want to hear what he had to say.

This was not Leo and he would never be like him!

Where are you, Leo?   Come back to me my love.

Grabbing my  purse, I  headed to the door.

“I am sorry, Henry, but I have to go now!”

“You’re leaving now,” he asked uneasily.

“I nodded. “Yes, I have to go now.”

“Mia, please don’t go!” he pleaded.  His tormented face broke my heart, but I felt entrapped and the need to escape suffocated me.

“No, I have to go, Henry.”

I tried to break away, but he pulled me towards him. “Mia, why are you not looking at me?”

“Please, Henry, I need to go!”

“Mia, talk to me!” he demanded soothingly, which only irritated me even more.  How can I make him understand?

“I can’t do this now.”

Henry began to caress my arm in comfort but to no avail.

I tried to remain polite, but it was hard to do.

“I need to go now!”

“ Mia please don’t do this!”

I tried to keep it together. I did not want to hurt him.

He would not stop pushing me. “Mia, I demand to know what is the matter!”

Sobbing uncontrollably, I tried to explain. “Look, Henry, I do not want to hurt you.” He wouldn’t listen to my pleas.

“Hurt me? What are you talking about?”

The tension escalated. My heart raced, and my body trembled. I had to remain calm. I took a deep breath.

“Henry, I am just a bit taken aback by all that is happening with us.”

“Mia, do not be scared of what is happening.”

This was too much. I am not ready for this now. “I can’t do this, Henry!”

Taking the steps two at a time, finally reaching the last step, I gripped the railing. Leaning over, I clutched my chest with my right

hand.  All I wanted was Leo.

“Mia, where are you going?” His voice trailed off behind me.

I am sorry, Henry. I hope one day you can forgive me.

“Mia, please come back!”

Unfortunately, Henry seemed to want something I was not ready to give.































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