Chapter 17



Dear Diary,

I was not really sure what to do now. It’s been a couple of days since I received the letter from The New York Dance Academy of Performing Arts, and I have no clue…or even how I am supposed to feel. It wouldn’t be so hard if Leo were still here to share it with me. But now that he is gone, I am not sure if I want to go to New York. I know we talked about it many times. He was going to be a doctor and had already applied at The U of M here in Ann Arbor. Then eventually he would  come to New York to be with me. We talked about planning a life together.

It would have been so perfect. I knew with him by my side the decision to go to New York would not be so hard. I just feel lost without him.  I  know I have been trying to create some type of normalcy in my life, I am not sure going to a big city is going to help me now.

I was  at a crossroads. The uncertainty of not knowing what decision I would make.  The news from this letter was bittersweet.  Now I also had  to think about the support group. Oh so much is on my mind.

I knew Mom always relied on prayers. Yes, that’s it. I will pray about it.  Besides I need to be close to God once again.

Oh Lord please help me to come to an answer. 


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