Chapter 20



Dear Diary,

I decided to wait a week before I broke the news to my parents about taking the offer to New York. For now, the only people who know are Courtney, Keyla, and Matt. I knew I could trust them not to say anything to my parents. The only other person I need to give an answer to is Dean Array. I wonder if he will be pleased to hear back from me.

If I’m honest, my biggest fear in all this is letting my parents know. I didn’t know how they would take the news. We’d all gotten closer since I lost Leo. I was not saying we weren’t close before. It’s just that they really stepped up to help me with all that happened.

I was also a bit nervous as to how Leo’s parents will take the news. Not to mention having to tell my support group. It took me quite a few weeks to gather the strength to tell my story. Honestly, I felt very guilty for telling them about my relationship and love for Leo and how they helped me through my loss. I had to tell them I was leaving to pursue a new life and dream. Afterwards, many of them hugged me, congratulated me, and cried with me. In a sense, I am losing a family, and they are losing a sister. Reality can be very harsh. It’s so unfair sometimes. Well, Diary, I need to close here. I have a lot of things to take care of and not enough time to do it. I need to breathe. No matter what, Leo is with me.

Just taking it one day at a time.




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