Chapter 23


Dear Diary,

The month of December had flown by and now my parents and I were preparing for the Christmas season. I was nervous about the move to NYC.  Still I can’t help but feel excited. I was grateful for this opportunity. It was everything I have dreamed about since I was five years old. But it all seemed bittersweet that it has come at such a cost. I never thought I would be making this move without him. I question if I would be able to handle myself in a big city like New York.

How is everyone going to be? Will I fit in? Will I cut it? I may have been a great dancer here in Ann Arbor, but what if I don’t cut it there? Oh, wow. These revelations were really plaguing me. I haven’t thought about any of this. What about the support group? Will I be okay without one? Oh, I just need to not think about that right now. I never thought I would be this overwhelmed. Okay, before I have another panic attack I need to take a moment to breathe. That’s it for




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