Chapter 24


Today as I sat on my bed I recalled the last dance I had with Leo. He made it a point to take me to the winter formal on the 23rd. I could envision the beautiful lights that decorated the school dance. The weather was cold as usual. However, Leo was excited because his parents let him drive the car to the dance. After all, he had just gotten his driver’s license, and they knew how responsible he was.

When I looked back at how handsome he was in his suit and tie and the way his green eyes shimmered in the winter breeze that night, I can’t help but get a little teary-eyed.

“You look so handsome,” I said.

He admired me with his gazing eyes. “Well, I think you are a vision, Mia.”

It was such a special night for both of us. We were both seniors in high school, and this dance was something Leo and I had been so looking forward to attending. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that each of the seniors had worked so hard to put it together.

As class treasurer, I made sure we held different weekly events to raise the funds for it. However, the football players, band members, and dance teams, along with the rest of the clubs, all participated. It was a group effort, and it meant so much to our tight-knit community. Another big factor for all of us was the involvement of all the dedicated teachers, assistants, the vice principal, and our amazing principal, Saul Thomas.

But back to Leo and me. I could still see us dancing the night away. It was one of the best winter formals the school had ever thrown. He was smiling and gazing at me in my royal blue formal.

“You look so beautiful. Your eyes are stunning,” he whispered in my ear.

Now, here I am within a few days of the second anniversary of the last Christmas I spent with Leo, and he is once again on my mind. I see billboards advertising the winter formal all around Ann Arbor, as well as flyers at the dance academy.

I could hear his laughter all around me. My memories of him carry me away for a time.

My mom’s voice cuts through my thoughts. “Mia, darling. It’s time for Midnight Mass.”

“Yes, Mom.” I grabbed my small purse and headed out to Mass.















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