Chapter 34


Dear Diary,

I have been in New York for a few weeks, and am learning fast. On the one hand, I’m happy to have a roommate like Sandy. She has been so awesome and helpful to me. I need that since I have been away from family and friends, like Keyla and Courtney. But there are others at the school who want to make it hard for me. Goodness, I need to stop letting negative people affect me.

Overall, I was happy. I was finally able to talk with my dad, mom, and the girls. Keyla and Courtney went to see my parents, so it’s nice to get the chance to let them know what has been going on at school. When they ask me about school, I tell them all is going well. My mother especially sounded upbeat and my dad beamed.

It was good to hear that the Dancys decided to take a trip abroad. I think that is something Leo would have wanted for them.

As for Courtney and Keyla, they can’t stop asking me about life in NYC and how exciting it must be.

  For some reason I am not sure why I kept thinking about Henry.

Anyway, I need to stop overthinking it all. I need to just keep up my ‘A’ game in my classes. That way I don’t have another unpleasant conversation with Miranda Strolls. Well, this is it for now. Sandy and I are going to the meet and greet tonight.   But  It was so good to talk to all of them.



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