Chapter 39

I arrived for my interview at exactly 8:00 a.m. I tried to remain poised and calm while I wait. I see two other girls who are there for the same reason I am. Sandy tells me some other people are sure to apply for the same position. I tried to smile, but one of them rolls her eyes at me and turns to her phone. The other just acts like I’m not even there.

I felt like a freshman in high school who is trying to fit in with the popular cheerleaders. I decided then and there to just act like they aren’t even in the room. I’m not even going to engage in such immaturity. My only focus was on the interview.

After a few minutes, I heard my name being called. “Mia Gerard.”

I got up and smiled as I walked into the office.

“Come in, Mia,” says a tall, slender woman who is obviously a professional dancer.

“Mia, I am Gail Stanton. I am one of the instructors at the dance studio adjacent to the school.”

I nodded. “Yes, good morning, Ms. Stanton.” “Please call me Gail.”

“Thank you, Gail.”

“Sandy has told me so much about you.”

I tried to keep my composure. “Well, Sandy is one amazing person and friend.”

“Yes, she is, dear. She’s told me what a dedicated person you are.”

My heart warmed at the thought that Sandy would speak so highly of me. “Well, I feel the same about her.”

Apparently, Sandy had spoken to Gail on her way to class about a week ago.

Gail Stanton began pacing around her office then. I’m not sure whether I should stand or sit.

“Now, I understand you worked at a dance studio back home,” she says finally.

“Yes, in Ann Arbor. I was a teacher for about three years.”

She claps her hand together. “Mia, I have seen all I need to see.” Well, this can’t be good.

“Go ahead and take all the required paperwork, and then we will schedule your hours with financial aid and your work-study, okay? I hope we can get you into work by next Tuesday.”

I could not believe my ears. Did she just say what I think she said? Oh, my goodness. She did. Gail Stanton made me a job offer. Wow, I can’t believe it. This feels like it has all been a dream. Things are all falling into place.

“So, Mia. I haven’t heard your thoughts.”

I blinked and straightened up a bit in the chair. “Oh, I am sorry.

I’m just taking it all in.” “So, is that a good thing?” “Yes, it is, Gail.”

She smiled. “Well, it was lovely to meet you, Mia.” “Thank you, Gail. It was lovely to meet you as well.”

As I leave Gail Stanton’s office, I noticed the other two girls are still sitting there waiting.

Gail walked out her office door. “Sorry, ladies. The position has been filled.”

I could not help but smile when I saw the frowns on their faces. Gail turned  to me.  “Okay,  Mia.  I’ll see  you  here on



Then she goes back into her office.

In this moment, I was so thankful for how well that interview went. Also of how Sandy went out of her way to mention me to Gail.

Lord, thank You for Your blessings. I am grateful.



Chasing Clarity Copyright © 2015 by Sylvia Stein . All Rights Reserved.


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