Chapter 48



Dear Diary,

Well, it was a very successful night for Henry. Sandy and I couldn’t be prouder. The only thing that made me a bit upset was his agent, Trina. I don’t know why she stared at me the way she did. Who does she think she is?

Well, I thought Trina was another Miranda Strolls. She was a bugger, and that meant a jerk according to Henry. Trina obviously overreacted, and I have no clue why she would act that way with me.

This was it for tonight, then. Hmm! I wonder what was wrong with me.

What has really thrown me for a loop is how Henry used me as his muse.

Why? What were his intentions? As much as I want to shake this off, I just couldn’t.

Anyway, why am I up so late and bent out of shape over this? I heard Sandy calling me. She’s

wondering why I wasn’t asleep. Goodnight.






Chasing Clarity Copyright © 2015 by Sylvia Stein . All Rights Reserved.


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