Chapter 55


Time passed and New Year’s Eve was approaching. I enjoyed spending time with both Henry and Sandy these past several months. We had all gotten closer than ever. Sandy’s dance career was thriving. New offers were coming to her every day. She was turning into quite a star. But what I was most impressed with is that, in spite of all her good fortune, Sandy remained the same great person I met on day one.

I had been getting my own chances to shine, too. After the Radio City Music Hall performance, I received an offer to perform at the ballet event at school that will be taking place soon.

I was very happy about that. My parents were coming into town for the performance, and they’re even going to bring Keyla and Courtney with them. Matt has to work, so he won’t be able to make it, but he wanted Courtney to come.

Courtney was getting the chance to showcase her talents at the local playhouse back in Michigan. Keyla’s been accepted at the New York Dance Academy of Performing Arts, and she’ll begin in the fall semester.

I was excited about Keyla coming to NYC. I wished Courtney could be here, but she wanted to stay in Michigan with Matt. He’s also going to school at Michigan State, and she’s finishing up her teaching courses at The University of Michigan.

It did not matter. I was happy about getting the chance to see everyone in just a few weeks. After the memorial service, I stayed in NYC and had not seen anyone from home.

Henry’s also a very busy guy. His agent, Trina, made sure of that.

Sandy and I don’t like her much more now than we did when we first met her. I don’t want to burden Henry with all her drama, but it always seemed like she’s looking down on Sandy and me. I was not surprised she gets along well with Miranda Strolls.

She seemed so possessive when it comes to Henry. “She’s just jealous, Mia,” Sandy tells me one night. I blinked. “Jealous of me?”

“Yes. She knows you’re important to Henry.” “I am?”

She sighed. “Mia, I know Henry is your friend, but deep down I think he has deeper feelings than that for you.”

“Oh, and how do you know it is not you he’s interested in?”

She shook her head. “Mia, Henry is more like a brother to me, but I can see how he gets when he’s around you.”

“You’re just being silly, Sandy.” She shrugged. “I know what I see.”

Was Sandy right? Did Henry have feelings for me? No, that’s just silly. Isn’t it? Why would he feel that way about me? I know we have interacted quite often lately, but just as friends. I think she’s just reading too much into it. Right?


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