Chapter 58


It had been almost an entire week and I had not heard from Henry. Sandy told me he hasn’t been seen around the school. The more I thought about it I began to feel really guilty about what happened. I honestly got scared. When I confided in Mom, I was hoping she would be supportive. Instead, she overreacted, and her fears seeped into my heart. I know Mom means well, but I wasn’t looking for a lecture. Still, I can’t blame her for all that happened. In the end, it was up to me.

“Mia, do you think it is wise to start a relationship?”

I swear at times I wanted to just scream at her. She was a loving mom, but I would love for her to stop worrying. In any case, I was glad that both my parents and Keyla and Courtney would be here soon.

I was happy to see them again, but I did not want to talk about Henry. After he sent them the video of my dance at the Radio City Music Hall, they became more and more excited about my upcoming performance.

When Dad asked about Henry I tell him he’s busy with his paintings. He was sorry he was not able to meet him since he wanted to share some of his family tree having ties to England.

“Well, it is a shame, Mia; I really was hoping to meet him.”

“I know, Dad,” I sighed.

Somehow, I suspect my dad knows something else is going on.

The main reason is because my mother never asked about Henry.

On the other hand, Keyla was super excited about being a part of The New York Dance Academy when the new semester begins.

“Oh, I am so psyched, Mia,” she tells me.

I nodded. “I know you are. I’m happy for you, too.”

Sandy was the best with my parents. Even with her busy schedule, she took the time to meet up with us at Dreams, and my parents and Keyla and Courtney had the best time getting to know her.

“I’m so happy to finally meet you all.”

“Oh, Sandy, you are such a dear,” said my mom. Sandy beamed. “Thank you.”

“Yes, Sandy, we can see why Mia loves you so much,” said Keyla.

“I agree,” Courtney chimed in.

“Sandy, we are so glad you are such a wonderful friend to Mia,” said my dad.

It was nice to have the time with Sandy, my friends, and parents but still the only thing on my mind is Henry. The guilt of how I acted is eating me up. I am trying to smile but it’s hard. I wish I could go back and do it over.

My mother got up for some water and saw me sitting in the dark. “Mia, honey, is something wrong?”

“No, Mom. I’m fine.”

She frowned and placed her hand on her hip. “Mia, I am your mother. I know you are not fine.”

“I don’t want to argue now, Mom.” “Mia, please tell me what is the matter.”

I hang my head. “I messed things up with Henry.” “What do you mean?”

“I panicked, and I hurt him!”

She shook her head. “Mia, you can’t blame yourself!” “Then who, Mom?”

“Honey, you have been through so much, and you know that!” “Mom, I know Leo’s loss has been hard, but I was actually slowly

moving on!”

“Okay, Mia. Sit, please.”

Just then, Dad came into the room. “Hey, what’s going on?” “Sorry, Daddy,” I cried.

He looked at my mother. “Mary, what is going on here?” “Mia began seeing Henry.”

He nodded slowly. “Okay.”

She shook her head. “Dan, what do you mean okay?” “I’m happy for her.”

“Daddy, I got scared.”

“Mia, it’s okay, honey.” He put his arms around me.

“Mia, I am sorry. I should have been more understanding,” cried my mother.

My mother’s anguish broke my resolve.

“No, Mom. It isn’t your fault,” I stated, trying to speak through my tears.

Once I cried myself all out, I knew the guilt I was feeling. I just did not know how to fix it.

If only there was a way. My parents advised me to talk to Henry and to lay it all out on the

table, but I wondered if it was too late.


Chasing Clarity Copyright © 2015 by Sylvia Stein . All Rights Reserved.


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