Chapter 61



It was mid-August, and the start of the upcoming semester is here. I tried to focus on the new dance routine I had been preparing. Sandy was very busy due to the  huge success of her jazz Broadway show. Still, she made time for us to get together whenever she had some downtime.

It’s was so nice to have that time with her, but I’m glad Keyla was now in NYC, and that her dorm was  that far away from ours. It was great to be able to help her out. She’s been having a rough couple of weeks.

She just broke up with her boyfriend of only three months. He isn’t supportive of her dancing and resented the fact she even applied to be in New York.

“I am never letting anyone dictate how I live my life,” she told me.

“I agree  Keyla,”  I said.

Still, she was a bit emotional over it, so I decided to be there for her as much as possible.

One night, Sandy invited us back to our hangout, Dreams. She brought her new boyfriend, who seems nice. It’s good to have time to just sit back and laugh for a bit, but it’s still hard for me to be with other couples. Just looking at the couples all over NYC causes me to get a bit teary-eyed. In the past two years, I’ve lost the love of my life, Leo, and then just within the past six months I made a mess of things with Henry.

No one knew  what it was like to be me right now unless they have gone through this same kind of pain. That’s not to say I don’t appreciate it when they try to sympathize, but there’s no way I could really understand the  loss of a loved one. In one blink of an eye, I lost my true love.  It really destroyed me emotionally. Then, I come to New York and am shocked at how quickly I make that strong connection with Henry. I didn’t recognize or even want to see what it was at the time, but I see it now.

I felt it in his kiss on New Year’s Eve. I hadn’t felt that way since I’d been with Leo. In my mind, it felt like I betrayed Leo, but as my father said, “Mia, Leo will always hold a place in your heart, but you are allowed to love again.”

His words are now starting to make sense. Oh, I need to stop this. Henry is probably dating Trina by now. I blew it.

“Mia? Hey, are you okay?” asked Keyla.

I rubbed my eyes with my fingertips to try to hold back the tears. “Actually, guys, I am a bit tired. I think I am going home now.”

“Oh, so early?” asked Sandy.

I nodded.  “Yes, I am sorry, ladies.”

“Okay. Well, I will see you later, Mia,” Sandy said.

“No worries. Besides, I have to present a dance in class tomorrow.”

Keyla smiled. “Okay, Mia. See you then.”

“Have fun, Keyla.”


Then I turned to Sandy’s boyfriend. “It was nice to meet you, Jack.”

“Same here.”

As I walked back to the dorm, I could not help but get emotional again. Instead of taking the subway, I decided to hail a cab. I waited outside and took the time to enjoy the NYC lights again. I studied the billboards, and that’s when I saw his face. Henry. On a billboard. He’s the toast of New York and was being honored for his art in the United States, as well as abroad.

Then it hit me. My feelings for Henry go beyond friendship. I wanted to be with him. That much is clear. Now I just wondered if I would  ever be able to make things right between us.

Well, I needed to focus on my performance with Madam Swanson’s Ballet 101 class. For now, I just needed to focus on that.

Still, as I got into the cab I could not stop thinking about Henry. I wondered how he was doing?  Sandy told me to write him. Each time I tried, I stopped myself. It was  just too hard to put those thoughts down on the page. Anything I needed to say to him would have to be said in person.

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