Chapter 8

Last night, I heard my parents whispering outside my room.

 “You know, Mary, I am worried about Mia,” said my Dad in a soft tone.

      “So am I Dan,”  said my mom in a shaky tone.

I knew they were whispering but from the crack in her voice I could tell  Mom’s voice was frantic.

“I should have listened when you said she was not doing well,” said my   Dad.

“I just wanted her to be herself again.”

I heard the tears in my mother’s voice then.

    “Come on, Mary, let’s go.”

 Oh! I felt awful. Part of me wanted to run to them. I wish I could have told them how I was feeling, but it wasn’t that simple.

Goodness, did they not get it? I was not in a mood. Right now, I just wanted to be with Leo. I could not stop thinking about him. He was everything to me, and now he was gone. They needed to let me grieve.  I wanted to be alone. There was nothing they could do now.

I heard my father asked mother, “Mary, is this really necessary?”

“Oh, come on Dan!” she exclaimed.

“I am just saying she is not ready right now!” he shouted.

“This is not healthy for her. Do you not see it?” she cried.

“Mary, I know you are worried about Mia,” he said in a calming tone.

“No, I do not think you understand!” she continued shouting.

“Come on Mary,shutting me out is not going to solve anything!” he pleaded.

Inside my room, I paced back and forth.

 I don’t want to hurt my parents. I am sorry.

“Listen, Dan. I can hear her moving around in there.” My mom moved toward my door. “Mia, honey….”

I was at a loss as to what to do. All I wanted to do was cry.

“Mia, honey. Your mom and I are worried!” he said.

I moved to the door and leaned my forehead against it.

“Well, just know we are here for you,” Dad said.

Please forgive me, Mom and Dad. I love you both, but all I wanted now is to be  to here alone for a while. Isolated from everyone.



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